Florida House considers parental consent for abortion

Bill approved by House Health and Human Services Committee

(Credit: Photo Illustration/Gwendolyn Sung/CNN)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Girls under the age of 18 would need a parent or guardian's consent before getting an abortion under a bill now headed to the full Florida House.

The House Health and Human Services Committee approved the bill Tuesday. It's the bill's only committee stop, a rarity for legislation and a signal that it's a priority for Republican House leadership.

Florida now requires doctors to notify parents when a minor seeks an abortion, but the state doesn't require parental consent. If the bill becomes law, parents and guardians would have to sign a notarized letter before an abortion could be performed on a minor.

Minors would have the option of petitioning a judge for an exception.

The same bill passed the House earlier this year, but the Senate refused to take it up.