7 hacks to staying healthy this holiday season

"Oh, it's the holidays!" Whether you're justifying another purchase or another piece of Grandma's pie, no time of year sparks our unhealthy habits more than the holiday season.

Life is a balance, and there's no shame in taking a few days off. But, how do you enjoy yourself and continue on a healthy path? Dr. Stephen Graef, a sports psychologist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, recommends the following life-hacks:

H - Have a plan (we know holidays screw us up, have a plan for how you can party hard AND get back in the gym).

O - Offer up yourself (use the power of social connection and social media to invite others to work out, join a group exercise class, or walk the walk of the status update you typed).

L - Live it up (life is about balance, if you're going to miss a couple days and fall off your healthy eating, enjoy it and don't beat yourself up).

I - Ignite your motivation (reconnect with whatever motivated you to exercise and be healthy in the first place).

D - Do it again (Miss a few days over the weekend. Don't completely derail just back doing what you were doing before).

A - Accept your mess up (acceptance that we get off the path from time to time).

Y - Yes I can (remind yourself that you've been off the path and gotten back on it before).

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