Erin Brockovich brings attention to DeLand cancer

Environmental activist brings attention to cancer cluster neighborhood

DELAND, Fla. -  Activist Erin Brockovich came to DeLand on Monday to bring attention to a serious danger in Volusia County.

Former state legislator Earl Ziebarth reached out to Brockovich, hoping she could bring attention to the toxic pesticide that is contaminating several wells in the county.

Volusia County's Health Department conducted tests on wells after residents in the County Club Estates became concerned with a high number of cancer cases.

Twenty-one wells tested positive for high levels of Dieldrin, an insecticide that was banned in 1987.

Officials gave everyone with contaminated water free filtration systems, but there are still many homeowners who say that's not enough, and they hope Brockovich can help everyone in their neighborhood by bringing awareness.

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