New X-ray machine at Orlando hospital decreases radiation exposure

Machine at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children is first in the nation

A new X-ray machine is being installed at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children that lowers radiation risk and produces a clearer images, according to doctors.

They also said the machine is easier to use.

"The table moves down and up," said Dr. Susan Smith, a pediatric radiologist. "That allows us to safely get kids on to the table."

The new machine has a less intimidating design and cuts down on the time of the procedure, while also producing a clearer image. Doctors said that is particularly important for children.

"We don't need to sedate children as often because we can scan so quickly," said Dr. Smith. "You can get an internal snapshot in a's pretty amazing."

The new X-ray machine also exposes patients to about 30% lower radiation than current machines.

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