Skin Cancer Awareness Month begins on Monday

Doctors: Check brown spots every month

ORLANDO, Fla. - Skin Cancer Awareness Month begins on Monday and doctors are asking Americans to treat their skin like any other part of their bodies.

According to researchers at Mount Sinai Medical Center, one in five Americans develop a form of skin cancer during their lifetime. However, according to researchers, skin cancer is one of the most preventable forms of the disease.

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Besides wearing sunblock and staying out of the sun, researchers recommend self-checking brown spots on the body at least once a month. Dermatologists say Americans should track the appearance of brown spots using the "ABCDE" formula:

  • A: Asymmetry
  • B: Border Irregularity
  • C: Color Changes
  • D: Diameter
  • E: Elevation

Asymmetry refers to any differences between two sides of the brown spot. If one side is different than the other, a dermatologist should look at it.

Border irregularity refers to the shape of the brown spot and color refers to the shade in different areas of the spot.

Dermatologists say the diameter of the spot should to equal to or less than the diameter of a pencil eraser. If the brown spot is raised off the skin (elevation) or uneven, a dermatologist should look at it.

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