Doorbell Camera Captures Los Angeles Neighbors As They Investigate Terrifying Screams

A Ring doorbell camera captured a frightening incident that has rattled a Los Angeles neighborhood. It started with bloodcurdling screams that sent one worried resident outside to investigate.

Her doorbell camera captured a woman frantically crying out for help. It appears the screams were coming from a white car that was driving down the street. A man’s voice could also be heard in the video saying what sounds like "I'm sorry." 

The camera captured the screams around 11 p.m. Wednesday night as the car was driving away. A neighbor told Inside Edition she saw the struggle happening just two doors down and it left her terrified. 

"Me and my neighbor hopped in the car and tried to follow them," the neighbor told Inside Edition. "She looked like she was trying to get out once she seen us and he snatched her head back and he speeded out. I was really, really bothered with her screams." 

Police have gone door to door asking for information while they investigate the possible kidnapping.

Police have asked anyone with information about the incident to contact LAPD's Southwest Community Station at (213) 485-2582. 


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