Brides Ditch Bouquets For Adorable Shelter Puppies in Wedding Ceremony

A Florida bride swapped out bouquets for adorable puppies her wedding photo shoot.

Andrea Ondina tied the knot with her wife, Tina Krasinski, earlier this week. The couple are huge advocates for animal adoption and hoped to spread awareness by including shelter pups in their photo shoot.

So on their big day, they grabbed their “pupquets” from Nate's Honor Rescue in Bradenton, Florida, and posed with them.

All 10 puppies, who were 5-weeks-old, and their mom, attended the wedding.

“The pups were very well behaved,” Ondina said. “Only had one accident on one of our Bridesmaid's hand.”

The couple said some of the pups whined a tad during the ceremony — but with two dogs, two cats, and a toddler at home — they are used to some background noise.

The brides also sneaked some snuggles with the pups before and after the ceremony.

“They were so cute, and who doesn’t love puppy breath?” Ondina said.

The puppies will soon be available for adoption.


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