Meet the Man Rescuing Wild Animals From Roofs and Roads in New York

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Out in the wild, it's survival of the fittest. But what happens when animals wind up in the suburbs? It's Frankie Florida to the rescue.

Florida runs the Strong Island Animal Rescue in Long Island, New York, and has encountered some truly wild situations. He's climbed up on roofs to save a pet iguana and pull a little kitten from a drain pipe.

"Anybody that knows me knows that I could be sitting down at a party or sitting down out to eat and that phone goes off and it's the bat signal, it's time to go," Florida said of his important job.

He's sprung into action pulling a pretzel jar off a deer's head and a can from the noggin of a raccoon.

Inside Edition’s Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero asked Floridia, “Why do you think the animals are getting their head stuck in containers?  We are seeing a lot of these videos.”

"What's happening is that people aren't recycling properly. [The animals] see something, they smell something and stick their face in it and the next thing you know they get stuck and can't get it off," he told Inside Edition.

And after an opossum was struck by a car and dragged itself to the side of the road, it sadly died. But Florida was there just in the nick of time to save her little babies.

"It's an amazing feeling. It's high adrenaline, great rush, just gives me positive energy inside," he said.


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