Man Fulfills Dying Wish to Have a Beer With His 3 Sons

A Wisconsin man’s final wish is serving as a reminder to all to enjoy the simple things in life with the people they love.

Norbert Schemm, 87, had been in the hospital for a week battling stage 4 colon cancer when he and his family decided to enjoy one last cold one together.

“I asked, how would you like a beer?” one of his three sons, John, told Inside Edition. “He said, ‘yeah, that would be good.’”

The family posed for a photo to commemorate the moment, in which Norbert can be seen enjoying a bottle with his wife of 65 years, Joanne, and their sons, Bob, Tom and John.

“It was a great moment, it was a time where we all shared and all toasted,” Bob said.

The photo has since gone viral, prompting other families to share their last toast with their loved ones.

“Did the same thing with my dad in May. Cold beer and a Yankees game,” one person tweeted.

“My grandmom did the same thing but with shots of baileys,” another wrote. 

Norbert passed away the following day with a smile on his face, his family said. To announce his passing, Norbert’s grandson shared the photo. 

“(It’s an) honor and pleasure that we are able to keep talking about my grandfather a week later,” Adam Schemm told CBS News. “I'm glad that we are able to keep his memory alive.”


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