1,292 Square Feet of Skin Needed to Treat Victims Burned by New Zealand Volcano Eruption

An urgent call has gone out across the world for human skin needed to treat the victims of the volcano eruption in New Zealand.

Doctors have said they need 1,292 square feet of skin.

Inside Edition spoke to Dr. Peter Grossman, medical director of the world-renowned Grossman Burn Center outside Los Angeles.

“That's a huge amount of skin that they're requesting,” he said. "I think they are going to have a very difficult time in getting that order from one particular source. I think the world will come to the assistance to the people of New Zealand."

One patient in need of skin grafts is American honeymooner Lauren Urey.

Meanwhile, tourists in America and around the world are being cautioned against visiting active volcano sites. Last year, lava bombs were fired in the air after a volcano in Hawaii began erupting. Sicily's famed Mt. Etna erupted multiple times this year. 


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