Mom Says Bus Driver Did Nothing as 5-Year-Old Daughter Was Bullied, Put in Chokehold on Bus

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A Texas mother is reportedly pursuing charges in connection to an incident in which her 5-year-old daughter was allegedly bullied and put into a chokehold by other children while riding a school bus.  

The little girl could be heard repeatedly asked for help, her mother said. She says no one—not even the bus driver—intervened. 

"How do you not respond to a child asking for your help? It's just beyond me," the mother, who has not been identified, told WFAA-TV

The video shows three older children at different times grabbing the girl.

The mom said that her daughter's life was at risk after one kid pinned her against a glass window and placed her in the chokehold.

"I felt victimized for her and for myself, felt helpless that I couldn't do anything to change it,” she said. 

In a statement to inside Edition, the Dallas Independent School District said it is "aware of the incident and immediately took action to permanently move the bus driver to another route. ... Additionally, students have been disciplined."

The mom said her daughter no longer takes the school bus and they are now pursuing charges. The school district said it moved the driver to another route and that the students allegedly involved were disciplined.


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