Dead Bugs, Nail Clippings, Spiders: What Inside Edition Found Inside Some Miami Hotels for Super Bowl Weekend

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Sunday’s big game is just a few days away but all some fans who have descended on Miami for the Super Bowl might not be getting what they signed up for when they book a room.

At the Days Inn in Hollywood, Florida, the average nightly rate is around $100, but for Super Bowl weekend Inside Edition was quoted $499. 

What could you get for all that money? Inside Edition’s Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero checked in to find out. 

Inside her room she found a dirty sock with hair all over it after she moved the bed from the wall. She also discovered a discarded tank top and lipstick. 

A spokesperson for the Days Inn franchise said what Inside Edition found is "not a true presentation of our hotel" and refunded our money. They say that the high price we were given was a mistake and they have since dropped the price to $299 a night for the Super Bowl.   

Then there was the Hotel Leamington. It's only a two-star property but it's charging about five times its average rate for the weekend of the big game. 

Guerrero found hairs in the room that she described as “pretty bleak.” There was no door to the closet and the view was nonexistent. She spotted a spider and some friends. She even found a spider in the shower. 

Guerrero discovered gum stuck to the back of the headboard of the bed. And then behind the bed was a cigarette butt, a hair tie and dead bugs. 

She tried to speak to a hotel manager, but she didn’t want to talk and walked away.

“We found all kinds of issues with your rooms,” Guerrero tried to tell her.

The general manager for the Hotel Leamington told Inside Edition they immediately corrected the problem and are in the process of remodeling. 

Finally, there was The Parisian Hotel in swanky South Beach. Usually it's around $75 a night. But for some dates, the hotel is requiring a four-night minimum stay during the Super Bowl and are charging over $1,500. 

Once in the room, Guerrero discovered a floor board that was completely coming off. The bathroom also smelled. 

She then moved back the nightstand and found a contact lens and three finger nail clippings. There was also a bottle of Gatorade under the bed. 

She also discovered hairs on the bed, as well as discarded items, including drug paraphernalia. 

She called the manager and asked, “Is it fair that you're going to be charging your customers hundreds of dollars over Super Bowl weekend for filthy rooms? “

The manager said, “No not really. It's a mistake.” 


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