Selena Gomez Became an Amateur Sleuth at CrimeCon to Help Solve 1980s Cold Case

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Amateur detective Selena Gomez is on the case.

The 27-year-old pop star was pictured at Chicago's CrimeCon with her mom over the weekend at an event called CrowdSolve.

"CrowdSolve is an entirely new kind of immersive experience where you'll work to solve a real cold case that has been specifically chosen for this event," the event's website says. 

The event brings together 300 amateur sleuths to investigate long-forgotten criminal cases. This year, participants delved into the slaying of Kurt Sova, a 17-year-old high school student from Cleveland who went missing in October 1981 after attending a Halloween party. His body was discovered five days later in a ravine.

Also at CrowdSolve was a group of college students who study criminology at Tiffin University. They decided to probe Sova's case for a school project. 

"[Gomez] was at the table with her mom just like all the other attendees were," one student said. "She was going through the files, making her own notes, coming up with her own theories."

Sova's brother said he is grateful for the newfound attention on the case, along with CrimeCon organizers.

“They were perfect detectives who, along with hundreds of others, helped bring peace to the Sova family,” CrimeCon posted on their Instagram page.


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