What Should You Do if You Are Quarantined?

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Across the country, thousands of people are voluntarily going into self-quarantine and often waiting 14 days to make sure they don’t have the coronavirus.

Here are a few tips for keeping your family safe and reducing your risk of spreading germs to other family members while stuck inside.

Pick a room as your “home base"

Doctors say that those quarantined within a larger household should pick a room where they will be spending most of their time in.

You should not leave except for bathroom breaks, showers or similar, according to medical officials.

Wear a facemask in common areas

If someone is sick, they should wear a face mask if possible when leaving the designated home base inside their house, including for bathroom breaks. Doctors say this will help prevent the spread of germs.

Sanitize surfaces in the bathroom

The bathroom is a potential hotspot for germs. Experts recommend wiping down all surfaces and door handles. If using an aerosol to disinfect your house, it is more effective to let it air dry rather than wiping down.

How to do your laundry

In the laundry room, the infected person should load the clothes themselves, but everyone’s laundry can be washed together.

Have delivery workers leave your order at the door

If you are getting food delivered to your home, have the delivery person leave it at the door rather than risking a face-to-face interaction.


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