Coronavirus Spread at 90th Birthday Party Leaves 7 Sick, 2 Dead

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A 90th birthday party held early last month at a New Jersey church is believed to have prompted a number of coronavirus cases after nine of the guests were sickened, including two who have since died.

New York radio reporter Alice Stockton-Rossini threw the party for her mom, Jackie.

Rossini said she believes she may have been unknowingly carrying the virus during the party after reporting on coronavirus victims in the hard-hit city of New Rochelle, New York.

The outbreak is a stark reminder about the importance of social distancing even if you feel well, due to asymptomatic spread, or the ability to pass on the virus even when you're not showing symptoms. 

"I regret having the party," Rossini told Inside Edition. Her mother is one of the people who tested positive for the virus. 


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