Who Was the 'Unicorn Killer'? How a 1960s Activist-Turned-Murderer Evaded Extradition for 23 Years

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Last Friday, the convicted murderer known as "The Unicorn Killer," an environmental activist and hippie guru who fled to Europe before his trial and avoided extradition for more than 20 years, died in prison at at the age of 79. He died of natural causes, according to Pennsylvania corrections officials.

Ira Einhorn, whose surname means unicorn in German, had been serving a life sentence for murdering his ex-girlfriend Holly Maddux in 1977.

Maddux disappeared after collecting her belonging from the home she shared with Einhorn in Philadelphia, police said.

Einhorn reportedly told police that she had gone out to buy tofu and sprouts and never returned, an alibi that began to fall apart when neighbors started complaining of a foul smell emanating from his apartment.