600 iPads Donated to New York Hospital Are 'Lifeline' to Coronavirus Patients, Doctor Says

(Getty Images)

With no visitors allowed in hospitals dealing with coronavirus, technology has been a lifeline for patients inside longing to communicate with loved ones as they recover. Dr. E. Tay at New York's Bellevue Hospital said that 600 donated iPads have been allowing patients to talk with their families.

"So by having someone the other side of the screen, somebody you're familiar with, that brings some kind of comfort," Tay said.

Sometimes the screens also allow families to say their final goodbyes to patients who don't end up surviving.

One woman was able to speak with her sick mother via phone.

"Just didn't want to say goodbye, just wanted her to know we loved her and missed her," she said. Sadly, her mom died several hours after the call.


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