Man Hosts Socially-Distant Driveway Bingo to Help Neighbors Beat Quarantine Boredom


Aaron Davidson knows all about the boredom that comes with coronavirus quarantine, so he's giving people a little something to celebrate.

Davidson, who lives in Bolton, England, put bingo cards in his neighbors' mailboxes and left some on a table at the end of his driveway. He also asked them for song requests. 

Then he fired up his PA system and started calling out the numbers as each family sat in their own driveway, pencils at the ready. 

"Even after the bingo finished there were people laughing and joking," Davidson told the Manchester Evening News. "It was great because elderly people have been stuck in by themselves and it gets everyone socializing."

The prizes were equally fitting for these strange times, and included rolls of toilet paper, Easter chocolate, alcohol and instant noodles.

"We put the toilet rolls and pot noodles out as a joke, but then people were putting out sweets and bottles of pop for the kids as well," he told the paper. 

All of it helped the neighborhood feel a little bit closer while still staying apart. 


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