Corgi Chases Coyote Across Front Yard: 'I Wasn't Proud,' Says Owner

By Inside Edition Staff
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A California home security camera captured a strange sight: a corgi chasing a coyote!

At first, things seemed dire. Arlo the corgi could be seen darting across the front lawn of the house, followed by the coyote. 

But then, the tables turned. Just seconds later, the fearsome corgi was back on camera, but this time he was in pursuit of the coyote. 

Owner Claire Reader was terrified when she saw the footage.

"[It] horrified me," she said. "I wasn't proud. I wasn't thinking, 'Wasn't he great?'"

She added: "No, it was more like, 'You dummy.'"

Arlo survived the encounter, and a week later, he's proudly roaming his yard again — free of coyotes.


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Copyright (c) 2018 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.