Girl, 14, Missing for a Month Walks Into Sacramento Business Asking for Help

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A 14-year-old girl who's missing for more than a month has been found after walking into a California business to ask for help, according to reports.

Gracie Vanderveen was reported missing on Feb. 19, when her parents said she left behind her cellphone and a note apologizing for leaving.

The teen had been spotted in a vacant home in Del Paso Heights with another 14-year-old girl, but by the time her parents learned where she may have been, shedisappeared again, KTXL-TV reported.

The distraught parents told the television station they believed their daughter had been coerced into writing the note and someone had helped her leave town.

"What is going on?"asked Gracies mother, Amy Vanderveen."What am I missing?"

But the search for Gracie apparently came to an end on Tuesday, when the young teen walked into a Sacramento business, asking for help.

Gracie reportedly told an employee of an unnamed business she was listed as a missing person and has since been taken to a safe place.

Gracie's whereabouts during the time she was missing were not immediately clear.The Sacramento County Sheriff's office did not immediately return a call for comment made by


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