Women Try On Their Wedding Dresses Years After Saying 'I Do'

By Inside Edition Staff
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These women are trying on their wedding dresses years after they first said "I do."

Inspired by a recent New York Post story, Inside Edition asked former brides to put their gowns, long since packed away, on again at Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan.

"It's really nice to see this come out of the box," one woman said. 

"It still looks the same, I can't wait to try it on," added another. "I've had three kids since then, so fingers crossed."

The gowns are bringing back a lot of memories. 

"When I think back to looking for the dress, it was actually the first dress that I tried on," said a third woman. 

Chimed in a fourth, "I looked at a lot of dresses and that was the one that was the compromise of what I wanted and what my mom wanted."

Some were concerned that their changing bodies might affect the fit. 

"I had a baby a month ago, I have not tried on my dress, it might fit but I'm not sure it's gonna look good," another woman said. 

Others were just happy to still be alive. 

"At my age you're just happy to be on this side of the earth, so if the dress doesn't fit, I don't care," laughed one woman who tied the knot 46 years ago.

But when they put them on ... they still fit! Check out the video above.


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