Trampoline workouts could be the next fitness craze

Local fitness studio pioneering 'Bounce' as a new way to exercise

ST. CLOUD, Fla. – Are you tired of your workout routine? Looking for something new?

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Studio Zero G in St.Cloud may have what you're looking for. The Osceola County fitness studio has developed a new form of fitness structured around the trampoline. It's called "Bounce," and it's catching on quick.

The program is designed after workouts that have become popular in Europe. 

Studio Zero G owner and program designer Melissa Medina says it's a fun way to get a complete workout.

"You get to feel like you're a giant kid," she says. "But we're not doing back flips on these guys, instead we're actually zoning in on the body, working specific muscle groups."

She says the workouts are more than just jumping up and down. Using the specially designed trampolines called re-bounders, "Bounce" incorporates elements of step aerobics, resistance training, core and dance.

"We're actually working on body awareness," she says. "We're working on body alignment, we're working on body posture."

Medina says a one hour workout can burn up to 1,000 calories and students with fitness trackers have recorded 5,000 step workouts.

"Our class is built to get our heart rate high and then bring it down, get it high and bring it down. So we're tricking our bodies so we're burning more calories."

It's a high endurance, low impact workout. So it's easier on your knees and joints.

"It's actually one of the best ways to work out. You're not sending 10 times your body weight of shock into your joints," Medina says. "There's none of that compression, none of that pain."

They've been offering the classes for a little over two months and interest is growing.

Classes are $15 and  designed for all fitness levels. Studio Zero G hopes to add advanced classes soon.

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