Monica Lewinsky's new Twitter bot combats mean tweets with doses of ‘Goodness'

GoodnessBot responds with positive messages

It seems that as long as Twitter has been around, celebrities have been raising eyebrows with controversial tweets. Here are some of the worst celebrity Twitter gaffes. (Ferre' Dollar/CNN)

Monica Lewinsky launched a Twitter bot that will combat mean tweets with doses of "Goodness"

Lewinsky partnered with the advertising firm BBDO to create the Goodness Bot to combat online bullying, something in which Lewinsky is all too familiar.

The new Twitter bot reveal comes about a week after an anti-bullying PSA video produced by Lewinsky showed viewers what experiencing cyberbullying is like firsthand.

The texts in the video were inspired by actual messages that real-life victims of cyberbullying received.

According to its profile, the Goodness Bot "is here to drown out mean and negative tweets with positivity, and help fight the epidemic of cyberbullying."

Here's how it works.

A Twitter user sees a mean tweet. That user responds to the tweet by tagging @GoodnessBot. The Twitter bot will then respond by replicating the tweet but with negative language replaced by positive words or it will respond with another positive message.

The Twitter bot has already responded to hundreds of tweets.

Some of the responses include: 

"If you don't have anything nice to tweet, don't tweet anything at all."

"Whatever side you're on, love should always be the message."

"I'm just a bot, but I love everyone. Especially you."

"You've got a friend in me, no matter what you tweet."

"Hate is cancelled."  

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