Buying Glasses Online

Designer Frames at Discount Prices

By Kevin O'Korn - Editor
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ORLANDO - Several new online eyeglass websites are offering designer quality prescription frames at a fraction of the cost.

Companies like Warby Parker and are cutting out the middleman by producing their own premium quality frames in-house.  The result is high end fashion and low end costs.

When you buy brand name frames like Ralph Lauren or Armani, most of the time you are only paying for the name.  The actual brand designers usually have no involvement in the frame making process.

There are about a half dozen online sites selling discounted frames right now. A few offer a one year free return policy just in case you buy a pair of frames that don't fit right.  Also to entice buyers, some sites offer free frames for first time buyers.

All you need to order online is a current prescription from your most recent eye exam. Your optometrist is required to give you a prescription if you ask for it.  You paid for the exam.  The prescription is part of that exam.

Also, check with your optometrist to see if you have any eye conditions that would make buying glasses online a bad choice.

Click on the company names below to see if you can start saving today.

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