Crash rips $400K Lamborghini in half

Driver uninjured in New York crash

By Tara Evans - Executive Producer

Affording a $400,000 car is usually the difficult part, but crashes can happen no matter the car you drive. Just ask the driver of a Lamborghini Aventador that crashed in the Mill Basin neighborhood of Brooklyn, ripping in half.

Witnesses said the white Lamborghini was speeding along, when small sedan made a left turn, clipping it. The Aventador then split in half, crashing along the side of the wall of a cement fence nearby.

According to website Jalopnik, the witness said the driver was fortunately uninjured, actually walking around after the crash like nothing happened.

Car experts said cars like these are designed to dissipate the energy from the impact, while still maintaining where the passengers sit, which is what appears to be what happened here.

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