Study: Women look their oldest on Wednesdays

New research reveals Hump Day is most stressful day of week

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Ladies, you have a new reason to take a personal day. According to a new study, on Wednesday at approximately 3:30 p.m. you look your oldest.

New research shows that a certain number of women find Wednesdays the most stressful day of the week. Energy levels plummet, work stress is at a peak, and the effects of weekend late nights finally kick in, USA Today reports.

In fact, almost half of all women polled "indulge" on weekends. The study shows that weekend booze takes a few days to show up on the face, and add the fact that Monday often comes with a sleepless night because of said booze, the result isn't pretty.

The study reports that a quarter of the women also feel stress several times a week, but Wednesdays are the worst. One in five even admit they work through their lunch hour on Wednesdays.

The good news is it's not all bad news.

The study reports that Thursday is the day women are most likely to have sex. And with sex comes a glow and more upbeat feeling, which makes Friday the best-feeling day of the week.

Then the weekend comes and the cycle begins again.

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