Is Facebook the new way to make parenting decisions?

Social media now popular medium for parenting feedback


Cordell family gets new puppy after this picture circulates on Facebook, getting more than one million likes

ORLANDO, Fla. - A family near Boston is now one member larger, and it's all thanks to Facebook.

The Cordell kids from Mansfield, Massachusetts, have been asking for a puppy for sometime--and they have finally gotten their wish. But it took one million "likes" on Facebook in order to get Millie, their adopted Labrador/Shepherd mix from a no-kill animal shelter in New York.

Ryan Cordell, the kids' father, said he thought he was being clever, asking the kids to get a million likes. So mom Eviee took a picture of the kids with the sign, that read: 'If we get a million likes, we get a puppy. Side note: Dad doesn't think we can do it.'

The joke was on Dad; it took less than six hours for the kids to reach their one million mark.

But this is not the first time Facebook has been used to make a big family decision.

There is also a picture of a man holding a sign that says: 'My wife says I can get a bunny if I get 1 million likes! P.S. We have five kids, a dog and a bird. Please like.'

It is a phenomenon that is popping up, where people get rewards for getting a certain amount of Facebook likes; everything from trips to Disney World to a teenager having his crush sleep with him. In the cases we found, the goal was reached, and then some.

As we have seen from these experiments, it really is not all that difficult to get one million "likes".

Is this the new wave of parenting and decision-making? Time will tell; but it seems no matter the case, the power of social media shouldn't be underestimated.

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