10 foot long, 150 pound inflatable colon stolen in Kansas

Colon is used to help educate about dangers of cancer

Credit: A Healthier Michigan on Flicker. Used under Creative Commons license.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Someone has snatched a giant, inflatable colon used to teach about the dangers of colon cancer.

The University of Kansas Cancer Center said Friday in a news release that it was stolen from a pickup bed in Brookside.

Surgical oncologist John Ashcraft says colon cancer is a tough subject for many to talk about and the giant inflatable colon is a great conversation starter.

It is 10 feet-long, weighs 150 pound and is valued at $4,000.

It is owned by the Cancer Coalition, which hosts walking and running events under a campaign called "Get Your Rear In Gear."

The Cancer Coalition ships the inflatable colon across the country to help see in a unique way the progression of colon cancer.

One in 20 people will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

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