100,000 bees swarm Cocoa neighborhood

6-foot hive dangles in family front yard, scares grandmother

By James Sparvero - Reporter

COCOA, Fla. - Spotting the mother of all beehives, Frances Graves called both the city and News 6 Thursday looking to Get Results and get rid of an estimated 100,000 bees smothering a 6-foot-long hive dangling from a city tree into her front yard.

"This massive beehive is a health hazard to my grandson, to my people," said Graves, a grandmother of a 4-year-old.

The bee remover working on behalf of the city arrived at the Grove Avenue home in the early afternoon, but Dan Ward with 123Bees.com did not have his gear with him to remove the hive.

So the bee remover left to get his tools, saying he would come back to do the job.

"This is something that you don't see every day," said Ward. "I have to get a ladder up there. I'm probably going to try and find the queen, good luck with that."

Between Ward leaving and coming back, the bees began swarming by the tens of thousands, leaving the tree and going out of the neighborhood.

Ward calls it a very rare sight.

And when he returned, he said there was nothing left to do - the bees essentially did his job for him.

"There's only a couple stragglers that are left now," said Ward. "Some person or a tree or a structure has all of those bees on it right now."

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