16-month-old's open heart surgery chronicled live through social media

Arnold Palmer Hospital doctors post live updates to sites

ORLANDO, Fla. - An 16-month-old boy shared his open heart surgery with the world on Wednesday as the four-hour procedure at Arnold Palmer Hospital was posted live.

As Aiden Burghardt went into surgery at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, thousands of people followed the surgery through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, while offering prayers and support.

Aiden was born with a hole in his heart, a condition known as an atrial septal defect.  As his surgery continued, doctors at Arnold Palmer Hospital posted live play-by-play photos of Aiden's surgery.

Throughout the procedure, doctors also posted facts and statistics on the defect Aiden was born with making it an educational experience as well.

Local 6 has learned Aiden is doing well since the surgery.

This isn't the first time since Arnold Palmer Hospital livestreamed a surgery. In July, they broadcasted the open heart surgery of a 5-year-old girl that generated more than 760,000 followers.

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