2 students arrested after bringing loaded gun to Deltona High School

10th-grader, another student both arrested, school officials say

DELTONA, Fla. - Two students have been arrested after they brought a gun and a clip to Deltona High School, according to the Volusia County School District.

The students, 16 and 17 years old, were arrested at the school.

According to the school district, a campus adviser noticed the student acting strange near the end of the school day. Deputies said the counselor thought he was witnessing a drug exchange between the two students, but it turned out there was a gun hidden in a sock inside the student's backpack.

According to deputies, the 16-year-old initially denied knowing about the gun until a 17-year-old admitted that it was his. The 17-year-old said he brought the loaded .25-caliber gun and gave it to the other student for protection from people he says were threatening him in his neighborhood, deputies said.

The student didn't make any threats during the day, according to the district. Both students have been charged with possession of a firearm on a school campus and were transported to the Volusia Regional Juvenile Detention Center.

Parents at the school reacted to the news Thursday night.

"A kid bringing a gun to school, it's crazy," one parent said.

Diana Davis told Local 6 she contacted her daughter after learning the news.

"It terrified me. In fact, I immediately texted her to make sure she was OK," said Davis.

Just last month, Deputy Superintendent Robert Moll went before a state Senate committee to plead for more money to fund school security. Moll said the tight budget made the district vulnerable, especially in elementary schools.

All Volusia County middle and high schools are staffed by deputies, yet elementary schools remain without the presence of an on-duty deputy.

The budget over the last few years called for a reduction of half the county's school resource officers, slashing the total from 28 to just 14.

Moll also stressed the importance of having funding for the campus adviser position, one that supplements security provided by a deputy. On Thursday, it was a campus adviser who spotted peculiar behavior in the student who had the loaded gun in his backpack at Deltona High.

Meanwhile, a Deltona High School student suffered a laceration to his arm during a fight with a non-student Friday morning near the school but off campus, deputies said.

The fight was reported to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office around 7:30 a.m., deputies said.

Several law enforcement vehicles were spotted outside the school, and deputies later took the person suspected of stabbing the student into custody.

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