Couple charged with selling thousands of fake designer items

Items amount to $6 to $8 million retail

Ma Xiaolin and Qu Xiao

ORLANDO, Fla. – A pine hills flea market store is being accused of running a multi-million dollar counterfeit merchandise business, according to an Orlando Police Department report.

The report says Xiaolin Ma and Xiao Fang Qu were arrested Thursday on charges of selling $20,000 or more of counterfeit goods and selling 1,000 or more counterfeit items out of their store, Lucky Gifts shop.

Detectives learned the couple was selling fake Gucci, Coach, Chanel and other designer items after arresting individuals in a parking lot who were selling counterfeit items and told police they purchased the goods from Xialon and Xiao, police say.

The police investigated the store and found several counterfeit items on display.

After obtaining a search warrant and raiding the store police say they found thousands of counterfeit designer items amounting to between $6 and $8 million dollars retail.