Taking care of your boat before a storm

MIAMI – Damage caused by your boat during a hurricane is your responsibility, so have a plan and to protect your boat.

Bridges are locked down BEFORE an evacuation is ordered -- generally 24 hours before a storm hits, so you need to secure your boat and move it to a safe harbor long before the warning and evacuation.

  • Keep fuel and water tanks filled.
  • Be sure batteries are charged and bilge pumps are operational.
  • If you plan to trailer your boat to the mainland, you must do so before an evacuation order is issued.
  • Owners of large crafts that must remain in the water must secure their vessels in a predetermined anchorage or mooring area (there are very few places in the Keys).
  • Keep sufficient tie lines and chafing gear, anchors and anchor line, and any other equipment necessary to secure your boat in the water.
  • Monitor NOAA Weather radio.
  • Never stay aboard your boat in a hurricane.