Man charged with 1st degree murder in 16-month-old's death

Clifton Alexander, 30, charged with child neglect, 1st degree murder

Clifton Alexander Frazier.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orange County deputies have arrested and charged a man they said killed a 16-month-old child.

Deputies said Clifton Alexander, 30, is charged with first degree murder aggravated child neglect after he took his girlfriend's 16-month-old baby, Torey Dymond, on a walk Tuesday near their home on Pine Hawk Lane.

The child's mother, Rosalia Poirier, told deputies her son had never been alone with Frazier and they were gone for about two hours.

When they got home, Poirier said she immediately noticed there was something wrong with her son. She said his face was purple and blue and he seemed "lifeless" according to the report.

Frazier said the child was fine and told her he had fallen twice. He did CPR on the child and Poirier called 911.

Deputies said the child didn't have a pulse for 65 minutes and he was airlifted from Florida Hospital East to Arnold Palmer Hospital. He sustained severe trauma, the report said.

Poirier said she was in a domestic relationship with Frazier and that he had previously been abusive to her in front of the child. She said Frazier has anger problems and is addicted to crack cocaine and alcohol, according to the report.

Frazier told deputies he thought the kid was "whiny" and wasn't taking to him as he would have liked. He said he had previously taken him out for a walk before and that the child was walking along the sidewalk pushing his own stroller when he fell and hit his head twice.

Deputies said Frazier made no attempt to help the child and neglected the child. Frazier is being held on no bail.

The case is still under investigation.