Couple's address tweeted as George Zimmerman's home

Reports: Spike Lee tweets inaccurate address to thousands of followers

SANFORD, Fla. – A dangerous case of mistaken identity mixed an innocent couple with the shooter in the Trayvon Martin case.

Elaine and David McClain said their address went viral, when, according to reports, Spike Lee retweeted a message that allegedly distributed George Zimmerman's address.

"My youngest son, his last name is Zimmerman and his middle name is George," said Elaine McClain.  "He definitely owes a big apology. All this is really scary and it's a shame. There's no reason they put our address out there without checking to see who lived there."

Police had blacked out Zimmerman's home address on the initial police report, and Local 6 is not disclosing where the McClain's live.

Now, Zimmerman is in hiding and fearing for his life, according to a friend. He has moved from the Retreats at Twins Lakes subdivision, which is miles away from the McClain residence.

The couple said a letter came in the mail on Monday addressed to George Zimmerman. On the back, "Taste the rainbow," was written, a reference to Skittles.  Martin, 17, was shot and killed after buying Skittles and iced tea. Zimmerman, a 28-year-old neighborhood watch leader, said the shooting was in self-defense.

"I've been upset since yesterday. (My husband) ended up sending the letter back," said Elaine McClain. "I ended up calling the police department."

Sanford police arrived at the home to speak with the McClain's Tuesday evening. The McClains said police promised to patrol the neighborhood as a result of the mistaken address tweeted to thousands of people.

"We're afraid for our lives.  (George Zimmerman's) got to be 100 times more than that," said Elaine.

They hope Zimmerman is arrested to secure their own safety.

"Realize that this could happen to anybody. Find yourself taken up in something that you've had absolutely nothing to do with," said David McClain.

Lee has nearly 250,000 Twitter followers.  Local 6 reached out to Lee's representatives, but have not heard back.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Lee's representatives said he was unavailable for comment.