Cops investigate 'shoot up school' note in Mount Dora

Letter threatened violence on Friday the 13th


MOUNT DORA, Fla. – Lake County sheriff's deputies are investigating a threat at Mount Dora Middle School after a note was found that detailed a plan to "shoot up the school" on Friday the 13th.

Deputies began the investigation on Friday after a student found the note in a textbook, then passed it around in fifth period before giving it to a teacher, according to the police report.

According to the note, detailed in the police report, the plan was to include friends to help student shoot up school. The note reads "#1 Gun (s) #2 People #3 Give gun(s) to people #4 Shoot up school on 4/13/2012, Friday the 13th #5 Run."

There was no list of specific targets but a list of people that would help that was redacted by the sheriff's office.

Deputies said a 13-year-old girl, who has no prior disciplinary issues or trouble, was being questioned about the note.  Deputies said the girl has denied writing the note, but her parents have withdrawn her from school. 

Detectives said they are comparing known handwriting samples of the girl to the note, along with interviewing students whose names are on the note, including two friends of the girl.

Deputies said they are turning over the investigation to the state attorney's office to decide if charges will be pursued. If charged, the student would face a misdemeanor crime of disruption of school function.

Deputies said they looked at other potential crimes for which she could be charged, but evidence did not rise to the level of other crimes.

Deputies said they are not planning any additional security now or on Friday the 13th. The sheriff's office said it is very confident there is no threat to school because the girl had no access to firearms.

The school district said it applauds the student who alerted teacher about the note.

Parents will be notified Thursday afternoon of the incident, officials said.