JetBlue captain has 'medical situation' mid-flight, yells about bomb

Passengers say captain was locked out of cockpit, restrained


AMARILLO, Fla. – The Federal Aviation Administration says the captain of a JetBlue flight today had been exhibiting "erratic behavior" before other crew members decided to lock him out of the cockpit.
Passengers say the captain became disruptive when he couldn't get back inside, and was yelling about a bomb. A passenger tells CNN that the pilot still inside the cockpit used the P-A system to urge passengers to restrain the captain, which they did.
The flight from New York to Las Vegas was diverted to Amarillo, Texas, where the captain was taken for medical treatment.
A passenger says most of the people on board were "shocked and confused" by what was going on. He says authorities interviewed each of the passengers after the flight landed.
According to JetBlue, an off-duty captain who was a passenger on the flight went to the cockpit, and took over the duties of the captain "once on the ground."
The FBI says it's investigating, along with other federal agencies and local police.