Winter Park surveillance cameras monitor crime

Police say they won't disclose surveillance camera location


WINTER PARK, Fla. – Police surveillance cameras are up and running in Winter Park to monitor crime-but since the installation of the cameras three weeks ago, police have tried to make it as secretive as possible.

Several cameras have been installed at intersections along Park Avenue, north of Fairbanks Avenue. Police said they won't disclose where the cameras exactly are located or tell how many there are because they want to stay a step ahead of criminals.

The cameras are disguised as black domes attached to light poles and buildings. Residents in the area said they didn't even notice them, even though they've been up for almost a month now.

"That's kind of sneaky," said resident Mike McLaughin.

Retired NYPD Captain Sue Leyva Santiago said the devices have become extremely helpful to law enforcement.

"Crime is everywhere, it doesn't sleep," she said. "You may have petty crime. Minor theft. It may not be major like murder."

The cameras were bought with federal Homeland Security money and Winter Park police paid $35,000 to install them.
Police said they don't regularly monitor them unless there's a large event. But if something were to happen, they could go back into the recordings and use it as evidence.