Picture-perfect Easter weekend forecast

High of 81 projected for Sunday in Orlando


Kids won't have any trouble hopping around and looking for Easter eggs this weekend, as the forecast seems to be shaping up as a perfect time to be outdoors.

Any pressure systems are expected to dissipate by Saturday, with highs in the upper 70s for the first time in a while.

Easter Sunday will start out cool, with lows of 59 degrees.  The high will reach 81 degrees.

"Easter Sunday looks fantastic, with nice, low humidity continuing and a cool start in the morning if you're heading out for early services," said Local 6 meteorologist Elizabeth Hart.

Chances of rain this weekend are slim so Central Floridians are safe to have happy, hoppy Easter weekends without worrying about holiday events getting rained out.

The cooler lows will continue into the first part of the workweek, with Monday projected to be a low of 58 and high of 81 degrees.