Cops: Inmate attacked deputy in court, broke deputy's thumb

Gregory Gentle, 29, was appearing in court for resisting arrest charge


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – An inmate attacked a Volusia County deputy and left him with a broken thumb during a court hearing in jail, according to Volusia County sheriff's deputies.

29-year-old Gregory Gentle punched deputy Roger Hubbell in the courtroom at the S.J. Foxman Justice Center, according to the incident report. Gentle was in court on a resisting arrest with violence charge from 2011.

Witnesses say Gentle slammed deputy Hubbell into a wall and the two fell to the ground, according to the report. Video released by the Volusia County Sheriff's Office shows the altercation.

Witnesses also told deputies that they saw Gentle inside the courthouse, appearing to be very agitated, according to the report. One witness said she heard Gentle say the charges were made up against him.

Hubbell was taken to the hospital for treatment. According to the report, the altercation left Hubbell with a broken thumb, a cut lip and several other cuts.

Gentle was booked into the Volusia County branch jail on charges of aggravated battery and resisting arrest with violence.

According to the report, Gentle told deputies "They came to my house and did the same thing to me in front of my house! You don't like it when it's done to you, huh?"