Judge in George Zimmerman case may recuse herself

Zimmerman charged with murder in death of Trayvon Martin


SANFORD, Fla. – The attorney for George Zimmerman, who's charged with murder in the death of Trayvon Martin, said he will likely filing a motion for the judge to recuse herself from the case because of a possible conflict of interest.

During a 10-minute status hearing that was held Friday in Seminole County, attorney Mark O'Mara said the filing of the motion to have Circuit Court Judge Jessica Recksiedler removed may be "imminent."

"Particularly not just the media scrutiny but the activist community scrutiny that we can anticipate to continue I'm very very concerned that this is going to stay and become more problematic as we move forward," O'Mara said.

O'Mara became Zimmerman's attorney after being recommended by attorney Mark NeJame, who was contacted by Zimmerman's family.  Recksiedler's husband, Jason Recksiedler, works at NeJame's law firm.

"If you choose to file a motion to disqualify me as judge, it has to be filed in writing for me to address it," Recksiedler said.  "If you do choose to file, we do have a bond hearing set for next Friday," she said, asking that the motion be filed before then.

Zimmerman, a 28-year-old neighborhood watch leader, shot and killed Martin, 17, in late February. 

Zimmerman claims the shooting was in self-defense, but state prosecutors say he profiled the teen and was the aggressor in the shooting.

Zimmerman was not immediately arrested because police said there was no evidence to refute his claim of self-defense. 

Florida's "stand your ground" law came under fire, and the lack of an arrest in the shooting prompted marches, rallies and protests across the country.

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