Orange County neighborhood HOA president arrested in speeding threat

Michael Hudzik, 65, threatened father, son speeding with gun


OAKLAND, Fla. – The homeowners association president of an Orange County neighborhood was arrested after police say he threatened a driver speeding near his home.

Michael Hudzik, 65, told a man and his son he'd shoot them when his gun if they sped through the John's Cove subdivision on Tuesday, according to police.

According to the report, Hudzik screamed at the driver to slow down. When the driver got out and asked what Hudzik's problem was, police said Hudzik pulled out a gun and said "you better get back in your truck" and then told the man's son, "I'll shoot you too."

Anna Marie Del Ri Viero said she just moved into the neighborhood four months ago and she said Hudzik has been the perfect neighbor.

"He's just very protective of this community and the people the children," she said. "If we're driving too fast he tells everybody to slow down."

Other residents said they didn't agree, like Lavinia Joyner. She said Hudzik has made it clear to her he owned a gun and made her feel uncomfortable.

""The way he made it sound, it was threatening, you know I felt threatened," she said.

Joyner said she's not surprised Hudzik threatened the driver.

The arrest comes after the death of Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, who thought Martin appeared to look "suspicious" person. He shot Martin, claiming self-defense on Feb. 26.