Deputies: Boyfriend of daycare provider sexually abused girls

2 victims came forward; Told parents about abuse

Child care provider's boyfriend arrested for sexually abusing children at the at-home daycare.
Child care provider's boyfriend arrested for sexually abusing children at the at-home daycare.

DELTONA, Fla. – Deputies arrested the live-in boyfriend of a woman who runs an at-home daycare because they believe he sexually abused two young girls in her care.

The moms who bring their children to the daycare had no idea what was going on inside the at-home daycare, and deputies said neither did the woman who ran the place at 1375 Courtland Boulevard in Deltona.

The daycare owner had nothing to say to Local 6 cameras when she arrived home Friday night, but two young victims have come forward saying the woman's live-in boyfriend molested them.

Deputies arrested 49-year-old Jose Villa around 6 p.m. Friday, but the allegations first started coming out last week when a mom came to pick her daughter up after leaving the 8-year-old here for the weekend. The mother reportedly asked how the weekend went and her daughter told her that Villa touched her down the back of her pajamas. The girl said Villa often kissed her on the lips and made her feel uncomfortable with his tickling.

Deputies began to investigate and then found another victim, this time a 6-year-old girl who said Villa touched her chest and touched her sexually several times. Deputies said Villa warned the little girl not to tell her parents.

Villa admitted to touching, kissing and tickling the girls under their clothes and told deputies he believes he treats them like his own children.

Neighbors whose own children play at that house can't believe the allegations.

Lillian Wright said, "He always played with kids. I see him running and playing outside, but I would have never thought that."

When asked if she thought any of that 'playfulness' appear inappropriate, she replied, "No."

At this point, deputies do not believe the woman who runs the daycare had any idea what her boyfriend was accused of doing. Local 6 is still awaiting a reply from the Department of Children and Families to see if the agency is investigating and about the status of the daycare.

Deputies fear there may be more victims and are asking for parents to talk to their kids and to call the Volusia County Sheriff's Sex Crime Unit if they think their kids have been abused. That number is (386) 323-3574.