Rockledge neighborhood gets spike in car thefts in

Police say 40 cars have been burglarized in last month


ROCKLEDGE, Fla. – Police are warning people in Brevard County to keep a watchful eye on their cars.
Rockledge Police say there have been as many as 40 car burglaries in the last month.

As many as eight of those happened late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning in the Pine Cove subdivision, just off Murrell Road and Eyster Boulevard and west of U.S. 1.

Rockledge police are warning residents by going door-to-door and hanging Crimeline fliers.

"I walked outside this morning and saw my car up on two blocks," said Marine Jeff Stanley. His car was one of several burglarized. Thieves took off with his new custom rims and tires.

"Brand new. I had 'em a week and they're just gone," said Stanley.
Gone in an instant, but the crime will leave a lasting financial impact.

"Dropping that much money, Marine Corps doesn't pay that much," said Stanely.

Police are now looking over surveillance video hoping to identify a possible suspect.

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