Video shows car crashing into Publix, striking customers

Woman, 76, charged in Central Florida crash


PALM COAST, Fla. – Dramatic video released Tuesday shows a car driven by a 76-year-old woman crashing into a Palm Coast Publix, striking a baby stoller and injuring 10 people.

The Florida Highway Patrol charged Thelma Wagenhoffer, 76, of Palm Coast, with careless driving after she slammed her 2004 Toyota Camry through the front door of the Publix at 4950 Belle Terre Parkway on Saturday.

Witnesses said the car appeared to be going about 50 mph when it crashed through the supermarket. 

Investigators said they found no apparent problems with the car's brakes.

Also, for the first time, authorities released 911 calls in the crash. On the calls to police, screaming is heard in the background and witnesses describe the aftermath.

CALLER: Oh my God.
DISPATCH: You said the driver's OK, correct?
CALLER: Yes, ma'am, but there's a person pinned under the car.
DISPATCH: You said somebody's pinned?
CALLER: Yes, ma'am.
DISPATCH: Alright. Stay on the phone with me, alright? You're doing fine. Stay on the phone with me for a minute.

An 83-year-old man was pinned under the car, and store customers and employees lifted the vehicle to free him. 

Donna Switzer just learned Lupo Hernandez, who remains in stable condition at the hospital, is her neighbor.

The baby in the stroller was expected to be OK, authorities said.

"That lady shouldn't have been driving, and you've got to feel bad for her. You know she feels bad," said Switzer.

Wagenhoffer's neighbors said she normally drives well, and while she didn't answer the door for reporters, they said she's talked to them.

"Yeah, it's bad.  It's a bad deal.  It's really got her tore up," said one man who did not want to be identified.  "She never said a word. I don't think she knows what happened to tell you the truth. I think she just had a bad experience, bad accident, bad day."

Wagenhoffer has a mandatory court appearance because of the severity of the injuries in the crash.