Narcotics detectives find active meth lab

Meth lab busted in Lake County


ASTOR, Fla. – Lake County narcotics detectives busted an active meth lab in the back of an Astor home.

Deputies said they received information about a meth lab at 2450 Fox Road in Astor Friday night.

When detectives got to the house and served a search warrant, they were able to uncover an active meth lab in a shed behind the home, deputies said.

Deputies said they found over 14 grams of meth oil, which is a chemical used to manufature methamphetine, along with other drug paraphanalia. 

Deputies said meth oil is made during the final stages in the production of the drug.

Deputies said as a result of the investigation two arrests were made.

Paul Carpenter and Schilo Cantrell were charged with offenses related to the manufacture of methamphetamine and taken to the Lake County Jail.