Security tight in prepping for George Zimmerman release

Zimmerman's family still fearing threats


SANFORD, Fla. – As George Zimmerman prepares to walk out of the Seminole County jail on $150,000 bond, some wonder if his apology on the stand will temper the public anger against him.

"I wanted to say I am sorry for the loss of your son," Zimmerman told Trayvon Martin's family as he took the stand.

But that apology may not quash the public outcry. Martin's parents and attorneys said it was simply self-serving.

"To wait until all the media is there, there is a time and a place, I think everyone knows when you are giving an apology, the time and the place is to do it face to face, sincerely, and you make it meaningful," said attorney Natalie Jackson.

Security for his release will remain as tight as it was when he was escorted into jail April 11.

Communication between Zimmerman and Martin's family is now over. As a condition of his release, he cannot contact Martin's family or witnesses in the case.

Also, for the first time, Zimmerman's wife broke her silence. Shellie Zimmerman told the court, she worries about the danger she may face by taking him in when he leaves jail and said, "Anything that happens to my husband is a personal threat to me ... I have received hate mail."

Despite the threats and fear for her family, she promised the judge she'll ensure that Zimmmerman complies with the court's order. She told the court that after the shooting, her husband went into hiding even from her. Now, when he comes to a home to a secure and private location, she'll help maintain his GPS monitor and promises he'll check in with authorities every three days.

Right now, Zimmerman's attorney is working with law enforcement to get him fitted with that GPS monitor, so he can leave the state and go into hiding with his family.

The sheriff's office will not reveal the security plans for Zimmerman's release or say exactly when he will leave jail.