Police: 911 robbery call a hoax


LAKE MARY, Fla. – Police said a 911 call in which a manager of a Pizza Hut in Lake Mary said she was robbed at a nearby bank was a hoax.

LISTEN: Uncut 911 call

In the 911 call, Meisha Becker is heard crying as she tells the dispatcher that she was just robbed.

Becker, 26, told police she had pulled into the drive-through at Regions Bank down the street at about 6 p.m. Sunday to drop off the deposit bag from work.

She said a man came up from behind, hit her in the face, flashed a gun, and then grabbed the money bag.

"He punched me in the side of my face, broke my glasses," Becker told the 911 dispatcher.

Shortly after finding the bank bag, clothes, and gloves in a dumpster behind a nearby business, police said a Pizza Hut employee called them, saying Becker had admitted to making up the robbery.

The robbery suspect, William Langston, was her boyfriend and the pair had staged the robbery, police said.

Police arrested Langston, 33, when he returned to collect the money hidden behind the Steak and Shake.

Police also found the alleged gun outside the 7-11 down the street from the bank. Police said the gun was plastic.

Both were booked into the Seminole County jail.

As of late Monday, neither suspect had posted bond.

Friends said the couple, who had been dating for less than a year, had recently had money problems.