SeaWorld releases more information on new Antarctica exhibit

Empire of the Penguins to let guests choose level of thrill

Concept Art For SeaWorld's Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins
Concept Art For SeaWorld's Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins

ORLANDO, Fla. – On the verge of opening its TurtleTrek attraction, SeaWorld Orlando designers revealed more details on Tuesday of the park's largest-ever expansion, Antarctica Empire of the Penguin, which is set to open in 2013.

The themed land will include a first-of-its-kind family adventure ride that changes from visit to visit. Each 8-seat car will also allow guests  to choose the level of thrill they experience.

A gentoo penguin will guide guests on a journey through the Antarctic.

SeaWorld also promises to bring guests closer than ever to its colony of penguins. The new penguin habitat will include gentoos, rockhoppers, adelies and kings.

The new land is also billed as the coldest theme park attraction in the world, as penguins require a habitat in the low 30s.

Antarctica will also feature a new shop and restaurant. It is currently under construction on the site of the old Penguin Encounter and its surrounding plaza.

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