Students gain banking expertise

Credit Union worker helps students at University High in Orange City

ORANGE CITY, Fla. – Students at a Central Florida high school are getting real-world experience in the banking industry, and they're also making new career goals.
Thanks to a new partnership with the Kennedy Space Center Federal Credit Union, there is now a branch at University High School in Orange City.
"Entering accounts, opening accounts, making transactions -- I never knew any of that before here," said student teller Monserrat Saldana.

With the help of a credit union employee, 12 student tellers operate the branch, but not before going through a real-world job interview.

It's all part of University High's Academy of Finance.
"Students who are in the academy can learn all about the ins and outs of trying to secure a job in the future in a finance-related field," said teacher Vince Roeshink.

Some of the fields students are exposed to include accounting, owning a business or even becoming a stock broker.

"I believe that students need to get real-world experience and there's no way to get that except for being out in the real world.  And now, we've brought that to the campus," said teacher Sheryl Flowers.

"I really like it," said Saldana. "I'm hoping I can get a job in this."

University High is the only school in Volusia County offering the program.

Students in the academy are also eligible for scholarship opportunities in college.